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Bringing academic research to

non-academic audiences

Because we believe that the ancient world is for everyone.



To provide funding for students researching the Ancient Near East, while encouraging them to develop the necessary skills to share their research with an interested, non-specialist audience.

The ancient world is for everyone

Here at Humans Against Poor Scholarship, we believe that the ancient world should be accessible to everyone - regardless of race or financial background. We are actively working to diversify the study of the ancient world with our Black Scholars Matter program, and to ensure that finances don't stand in the way of passionate Ph.D. students with our Summer Research Grants. Anything you can give will help us support good scholarship, and diversity in academia!

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Receiving the H.A.P.S. grant was more than just much-needed funding for my summer work. The interview process provided valuable experience in presenting my work in an accessible and engaging way, with many thanks to Josh and Megan for the help! After the first interview I knew that even if I had not received the grant, I had made a great connection in public scholarship in the Digital Hammurabi team. The work I was able to do with the support of H.A.P.S. has come to define my research. I love this work and it would not have been possible without H.A.P.S.

—  Sara Mohr, Brown University
HAPS 2019

Donate today and make a real, tangible difference in the life of a student - and the study of the ancient world!

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