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Summer scholarship interviews starting 24th April 2021!

After having received around 14 applications for our summer scholarship last year, we were amazed to receive a staggering FIFTY-SIX applications this year! As we've always done, we'll be interviewing each and every candidate live on YouTube - and interviews start with our Hebrew Bible applicants this coming Saturday! We'll be interviewing 12 applicants over Saturday and Sunday, and as always, interviews will stay online so you can view them at your leisure. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we received, each interview will only be 15 minutes long.

The streams can be found on the Digital Hammurabi YouTube channel:

I'm pleased to say that I'll be helped in the interview process by some of the HAPS board members! E.L. Meszaros and Sara Mohr will be interviewing candidates this coming weekend, and Melina Seabrook will be interviewing some of the Archaeology candidates. It's going to be a whirlwind as we try and get through everyone, but hopefully a lot of fun too!

At the next board meeting we'll be discussing ways that we can make a shortlist of applicants, rather than interviewing everyone who applies. It's clear that the days of receiving under 20 applicants is over, and asking donors to watch 56 interviews (even if they're only 15 minutes long!) is a huge request.

If you're a donor, then you'll be receiving instructions on how to cast your vote for which research you'd most like to see funded in mid-late May, when all interviews have been complete! If you're not a donor and would like to join in the fun, then you can make a donation over at our donation page. As always, we're grateful to you for your support :)

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