The H.A.P.S. scholarship is possibly the first crowd-funded grant aimed at helping humanities Ph.D. students - specifically, those studying the Ancient Near East. We welcome all applicants, from all countries, as long as you are enrolled on a Ph.D. program in a field relating to the Ancient Near East - be it Archaeology, Egyptology, Hebrew Bible and North-West Semitics, Art History, or Assyriology. The grant ($2,000 for each scholar) is intended to be spent funding research conducted over Summer 2021, either in the field, on a research trip, or just sustaining yourself while you write up results and research.

While we have few application requirements, one of the goals of the H.A.P.S. scholarship is to bring academic research to an audience of interested non-specialists. Therefore, shortlisted applicants are required to appear on the Digital Hammurabi YouTube channel to discuss their research interests and present their summer plans, and successful applicants are further required to return to the channel to report back on their experiences. This is intended to benefit the viewing audience, but also to provide an opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in explaining their work to non-specialists. 

Funds will be distributed in two phases - 80% at the beginning of June, and the remaining 20% following the project summary presentation. 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are pleased to be able to offer four H.A.P.S. scholarships for Summer 2021.

H.A.P.S. Scholarship Application 2021
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Terms and Conditions


Shortlisted applicants are required to talk about their proposed research to a live audience on YouTube, and successful applicants are required to return for a debrief following the summer.

Successful applicants will receive 80% of their award at the beginning of June, and the remaining 20% following the project summary presentation, which is to be completed no later than December 1st 2022.


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Summer Research Grant applications are currently OPEN.

Applications are due by Friday 16th April at 5pm EST. Please contact us if you would like to apply, but believe you will have difficulty meeting this deadline.