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Funding summer projects, so researchers can do what they do best - research.

Because we believe that students deserve our support.



Tougher still when you have to take out a loan, or get a second job just to survive the summer. Our summer grants are designed to help bridge the gap between semesters, providing funding for whatever the applicant needs - be it travel expenses for conferences, training programs or archaeological digs, or paying their rent while they write up their research.

Cultural memory, intertextuality and the Hebrew Bible.


Working on a Ph.D. is tough.

3D scanning cuneiform tablets


Isotopic sampling to understand human-animal interactions in early urban sites

For application information, please see the application page.

Engaging non-specialists in academic research isn't always easy...


Explaining academic research can be really difficult.

...especially when that research involves cultures and societies completely removed from our own. Everyone who donates to H.A.P.S. gets given the option to vote on the research they'd most like to see funded, giving them a personal stake in the research process, and inviting them to become invested in the academic experience.

Our application process requires short-listed candidates to talk about their work to, and take questions from, an audience of interested non-specialists, giving them valuable experience in scientific communication. Successful applicants get the chance to hone this skill further when they give their debrief interview after their funded research is complete, explaining their results and experiences.

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